We shall be providing regular updates and guidance about visits to all our care homes on this page during the outbreak of COVID-19. We appreciate your patience and understanding during this difficult time.

Latest Guidance on COVID 19 for Meallmore Residents, Colleagues and Visitors

Updated 03/03/2021

We are writing in response to the Scottish Government’s recent announcement of changes to health guidance. As of March 2021, all care home residents will be permitted an additional designated visitor for indoor visits, as well as outdoor and window visits.

The guidance set out by the Scottish Government permits care homes across Scotland to resume indoor visits for up to two visitors per week, so long as it is safe to do so. Each visitor will be allowed to visit once a week but not at the same time. Visits can take place in residents’ rooms for up to 2 hours or indoor communal visiting areas for 30 minutes. Outdoor visits will continue in line with general government guidance. Outdoor visit timeslots will remain at an hour, unless otherwise agreed at home level.

Due to the decrease in community transmission and reduced number of Covid-19 outbreaks in our care homes, we feel we are in a position to carefully reopen our care homes to additional visitors and facilitate meaningful contact between residents and their loved ones.

This news is welcomed by all our teams and we look forward to being able to reunite loved ones after such a long and difficult period of lockdown. We understand the importance of your visits and the much-needed contact with our residents that is so vital for relationships and wellbeing; we are happy that controlled steps are being taken towards a safe reopening of our care homes.

Essential visits continue to be supported by local management and include circumstances where it is clear that the person’s health and wellbeing is changing for the worse, where visiting may help with communication difficulties, to ease significant personal stress or other pressing circumstances, including approaching end of life.
Designated visitors will be required to undertake a Lateral Flow Test, and a negative result is needed from the visitor before our care teams can permit them to continue their visit.

Any visitors will still be permitted to complete a health questionnaire and temperature check upon arrival, and we ask that you exercise caution and follow recommended health guidance when visiting residents during these uncertain times. Visitors are also required to wear a facemask as soon as they are on the premises of the care home, even if they are to attend window or outdoor visits.

Visitors will be escorted from their point of entry into our care home directly to the communal visiting area or resident’s bedroom. Bedroom visits will not be supervised but we ask that you continue to abide by physical contact agreements and do not take off your PPE until you have exited the care home.

Although the change in public health guidance is a positive step forward, we continue to carefully monitor the situation in each of our homes. Resident and staff safety must remain the top priority for all of us and we will reconsider the reopening of our care homes to additional visitors if we no longer believe it is safe to do so.

We are continually grateful for your patience and understanding during these exceptionally challenging times and look forward to welcoming more family and friends into our care homes.

Thank you.

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We are closely following and complying with information from Health Protection Scotland and Scottish Government to ensure we keep our residents safe, and that our amazing management and staff continue to deliver great care to all.

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