International Nurses Day 2020

Today, Tuesday 12 May is International Nurses Day 2020, which is celebrated around the world on the anniversary of Florence Nightingale's birth. This year is extra special because it is also the 200th anniversary of the birth of Florence Nightingale.

On this special day, we want to show appreciation for all our nurses and our care teams working in our 23 care homes across Scotland.

To our nurses, we say thank you for continually going above and beyond, especially during these challenging times. And to all staff working in our care homes, we thank you all.

We are exceptionally proud of every member of staff and we can’t thank you enough for the amazing contribution you are all making to look after our residents at this time. You continue to provide compassionate care and support to our residents, families and colleagues.

So today on International Nurses Day and every day to everyone – thank you, you’re amazing.


To mark International Nurses Day today, we’re sharing a poem as a tribute from Meallmore, penned By Bobby Dougan.


Meallmore Nurses


As we look all around to the world of today

And the challenges we face that impede our way

A realisation comes clearly to mind

Of the reasons our nurses are one of a kind


Through heartache and pain through conflict and sorrow

Meallmore nurses give comfort, and hope for tomorrow

They calm and they quiet they counsel and guide

Ever gentle and caring they stand by your side


For our nurses are healers and teachers and friends

Some are there for beginnings and others for ends

But each has a value that stands on its own

In joy or bereavement, you’re never alone

Throughout these dark times and in histories past

Our nurses are caring and ever steadfast


So, to them we give praise and we show our regard

For all of you working so long and so hard

To nursing you came not for fame not for wealth

But to bring a voice to lead the whole world to health