Meallmore Olympics Highlights 2020

The Tokyo 2020 Olympics may have been postponed but we’re excited to have brought you the latest coverage from the Meallmore Olympics which took place recently.

Featuring lots of fun, socially distanced activities that enabled staff and residents to take part and join in across all our different homes, the inaugural Meallmore Olympics proved to be quite the hit with everyone involved.  In case you missed it, you can watch our ‘Let the Games Begin’ Opening Ceremony video here.

Each home began by creating a team flag and a national anthem, with the brilliant efforts setting the tone for the games.

Of course, what would a sporting event be without some top class analysis and highlights? So with that in mind, we take a look back at our favourite challenges:

Day one - Come Fly with me!

Ladies and Gentlemen were requested to fasten their seatbelts for the ‘The Come Fly With Me’ paper plane competition. Strict flight regulations stated that planes must be made out of only newspaper, sellotape and blu-tack. Many fantastic designs were produced with the winner being the plane that flew the furthest.

Day two - Hole in One!

You didn’t need to be eagle-eyed or have a birdie to tell you that the Meallmore Olympics golf was a huge hit! With a brilliant variety of courses, showcasing plenty of creativity, everyone had lots of fun getting involved with a few incredible holes in one.

Day three - Laundry Basketball

The basketball event proved to be a real slam dunk with competitors racing to see how many baskets could be scored in 2 minutes. One of the highlights was seeing how teams created their basketball hoops with everything from ball pits to clean laundry baskets being used –creativity proving a real theme throughout the Olympics.

Day four - Know when to Fold ‘em!

Speed and precision were key in the ‘Know When to Fold ‘em’ event where competitors had to take a duvet cover, sheet and pillow case and race to be the fastest folder. Timing from the first fold, the quickest folder won – with neatness of folds being taken into account by the strict judging team.

Until next time…

Congratulations to all Meallmore competitors on your fantastic efforts during the Meallmore Olympic games. You've all done your homes incredibly proud.

A big thanks goes to the Meallmore Olympic Committee 2020 for organizing everything.

It’s our pleasure to share with you the closing ceremony where the winners were announced.