Staff Awards 2021

The Meallmore Awards are back!

We are excited to host a spectacular awards ceremony, celebrating our people for their dedication, support, and care of residents throughout the pandemic.

The awards will be held on Wednesday 29th September at 3pm and will be presented by Michelle McManus.

The Meallmore Awards are a great opportunity to shine a light on those who have made a difference throughout the pandemic, and to recognise staff members who have made a special impact on the lives of others.

The award categories and finalists are as follows:

  • Emerging Talent Award
    • Conor Tillier
    • Corri Walker
    • Gregor Main
  • Support Staff Award
    • William Imrie
    • Laura McKinney
    • Robert Scott
  • Positive Impact Award
    • Jaime Ireland
    • Vicki Dodds
    • Katie Richards
  • Head Office & Field Based Support Team Award
    • Jody Marshall
    • Gordon Candlish
    • Morag White
  • Specialist Service Home Award
    • The Oaks
    • Hilton Court
    • Kinmylies
  • Elderly Home Service Award
    • Forthland Lodge
    • Parklands
    • St Modans
  • Nurse of the Year Award
    • Claire Scott
    • Kamila Rzepka
    • Kamil Zietek
  • Manager of the Year Award
    • Suzanne Pitt
    • Julie Stevenson
    • Pauline Gerrie
  • Senior Care Worker of the Year Award
    • Marina Matos
    • Sandra Bremner
    • Yvonne Gilroy
  • Meaningful Activities Award
    • Kathleen Clydesdale
    • Mandy Love
    • Margaret McElwee
  • Carer of the Year
    • Gillian Weissenborn
    • Heather McArthur
    • Noami Stewart