Meallmore aims to make a positive contribution to society, acting responsibly and operating with integrity and transparency at all times. We believe this is fundamental to upholding our ethical approach and the high standards of professionalism that we aspire to achieve.

Our corporate social responsibility agenda respects the interests of all our stakeholders, including:

Our customer

The quality of service we provide to our residents and their families is our key priority. We take pride in our service delivery, ensuring it is consistently fair, honest and responsible. At all times, we aim to build the trust that helps us to attract and retain customers through local recommendation.

Our people

Our people are our most valuable resource and we embrace diversity. We create a positive, safe and healthy working environment based on mutual respect and courtesy. We recognise and reward our people, supporting career development and ensuring everyone enjoys a good work / life balance.

The environment

We consider the impact of our business activities on our carbon footprint. Wherever possible we make changes to promote good environmental practice. This includes taking part in local waste and energy management initiatives, cycle to work schemes, use of video conferencing to prevent unnecessary travel to meetings, moving our fleet of vehicles to hybrid or electric where possible and using “green” building methods for our new homes.

The community

We encourage our colleagues to support local communities through a range of activities including:

  • Company donations to selected community causes and fundraising initiatives;
  • Community engagement with schools and clubs and participation in volunteer clean up days
  • Corporate sponsorship of community events including kits for sporting teams and cycling schemes 
  • Supporting homes to host local fundraising events and employees to participate in charity fundraisers such as MacMillan Coffee Mornings, sponsored walks, food bank donations etc.

As a responsible neighbour, we endeavour to operate for the benefit of the wider community.

Our suppliers

We believe in fostering close, collaborative partnerships with every supplier we purchase goods and services from by treating them honestly and fairly. This can be evidenced in the long standing relationships we have with many of our current suppliers.

Since we aim for the highest ethical standards in our own business, we expect our suppliers to share and display similar values such as demonstrating respect for their people, their neighbours and their environment.