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Celebrating Love & Friendship at Greenan Manor

February 19, 2024

Celebrating Love & Friendship at Greenan Manor

Jen and Fraser's love story stands as a testament to the power of shared faith, interests, and enduring companionship. Known and cherished by their community, this couple's journey from the halls of their local Presbyterian Church in Surrey to the serene life at Greenan Manor is a narrative rich with romance, spontaneity, and deep-rooted connection. This Valentine's Day Jen and Fraser celebrated with a very special meal at our Greenan Manor Care Home in Ayr.

Jen and Fraser's romance bloomed within the close-knit community of their Presbyterian Church in Surrey. As the Flower Convener and Session Clerk, respectively, they frequently collaborated, laying the foundation for their relationship. Their roles required them to liaise often, ensuring the smooth execution of church duties, unknowingly weaving the threads of their future together.

Courting on the Courts and Beyond

Their bond strengthened beyond official duties, sharing leisurely moments on the church's tennis courts and during social Bridge evenings. These activities offered Jen and Fraser a chance to discover mutual interests and a shared sense of fun, deepening their connection.

A Royal Beginning: The Caledonian Ball

Their first date was nothing short of grand, at the Royal Caledonian Charity Ball in London. As Fraser fondly recalls, "The Ball began at 7pm and it was quite usual for it to continue until 7am... I seem to remember it was daylight when I drove Jen home.” Dressed elegantly with Jen in a beautiful ball gown and Fraser in his family tartan kilt, they enjoyed the Scottish country dancing, marking the start of their romantic journey.

An Unexpected Turn in Bournemouth

Their relationship blossomed with many more dates, each strengthening their bond. A memorable day in Bournemouth led to an unexpected turn. Fraser reminisces, “We had to spend some time awaiting the arrival of the Waverley Paddle Steamer... we thought we would buy some ice cream. On the way, we passed a Jeweler's, and before we knew it, we were choosing a ring together. That turned out to be the most expensive ice cream I have ever bought!”

The Road to Marriage

The couple's engagement in September 1994 quickly paved the way for their wedding on 30th May 1995. Planning their honeymoon was a carefully considered decision, as they sought a destination neither had visited before. They chose Cyprus, with a highlight being a ferry trip to Haifa to visit Jerusalem. Fraser shares, “We were able to send a postcard from one spiritual place to another, the Church where we both met. Our story had come full circle, and it felt symbolic.”

Building a Life Together in Scotland

After their wedding, Jen and Fraser relocated to Scotland in 1996, initially living in Edinburgh and later settling in Ayr. As they approach their 30th wedding anniversary, the couple credits their lasting relationship to "shared interests, companionship, respect, and friendship." Their story, a testament to the power of shared values and experiences, continues to inspire as they cherish their journey together.

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