Intergenerational Connections at Crimond

January 11, 2024

Intergenerational Connections at Crimond

In the heart of Fraserburgh, a heartwarming story unfolds as Crimond House Care Home steps up to support the local youth football team, Fraserburgh Link Up YFC-under 15s. This generous act highlights the care home's commitment to community engagement and bridges generations, fostering a unique bond between the young athletes and the elderly residents.

Supporting Local Talent:

Crimond House Care Home, a part of Meallmore Ltd, has significantly contributed to £1,240 to sponsor the local youth football squad. This sponsorship has provided the team with brand-new kits for the current season, proudly displaying the care home's logo. This gesture is more than just financial support; it's a symbol of the care home's dedication to nurturing local talent and promoting sports among the local youth.

Intergenerational Connections: More Than Just Football

The relationship between Crimond House and the football team goes beyond mere sponsorship. In a recent heartwarming visit to the care home, the young players had the opportunity to meet and interact with the residents. This exchange was about showing off their new kits and building connections across generations, sharing stories, and fostering mutual respect and understanding.

A Community's Pride

Pauline Gerrie, the manager at Crimond House, couldn't hide her excitement: "It's been a privilege to sponsor the local youth football club. Watching these boys grow and knowing we're part of their journey is just fantastic!"

Bryan Falconer, the team's Head Coach, shared, "We're absolutely delighted with the sponsorship. These tracksuits are a game-changer, especially in the cold, windy weather. We'll wear them with pride, especially for our big game in Edinburgh!"

Joe McHattie, the team's captain, added, "Thanks to Meallmore for the new tracksuits. We've worked hard, and this support means the world to us. We're ready to top the league and win more cups!"

Looking Ahead

The team, buoyed by this support, is looking forward to competing in the Scottish Cup and aiming to top the A League. Lewis, a player from the team, extended his gratitude to Crimond House, emphasising how the sponsorship has unified the team and bolstered their determination to win the league.

Crimond House Care Home

Crimond House Care Home, run by Meallmore Ltd, is not just a care facility but a pillar of the Fraserburgh community. Known for its excellent standards of care, including for residents living with dementia, the home's involvement with the local football team is a testament to its commitment to enriching the lives of its residents and the broader community.

The partnership between Crimond House Care Home and Fraserburgh Link Up YFC-under 15s is a beautiful example of how local businesses can play a pivotal role in supporting and nurturing young talent. It's a story of community spirit, intergenerational bonding, and the unifying power of sports. As the team dons their new kits, they carry with them the support and hopes of a care home and an entire community, cheering them on towards victory.

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