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Shaping the Future of Care Catering in Scotland

February 2, 2024

Shaping the Future of Care Catering in Scotland

We recently had the pleasure of interviewing Jody Marshall, Meallmore’s Group Hospitality Manager, as the newly appointed Scottish Chair for the National Association of Care Catering (NACC). In this interview, we delve into Jody’s thoughts on his new responsibilities, its impact on the fantastic work we’re already doing here at Meallmore, and the broader implications for care catering in Scotland.

Congratulations on your appointment as the Scottish Chair for NACC, Jody! How do you feel about this new role?

Jody Marshall, Meallmore Group Hospitality Manager: Hi Cameron. Butterflies! On the one hand, I am extremely excited about this appointment. It is honestly a great honour. On the other hand, the realisation of responsibility has not entirely set in.

Your passion for improving catering in care is evident. How do you plan to leverage your position to influence and enhance care catering in Scotland?

Jody Marshall: I feel that this role offers an elevation and influences the catering in the care sector. Through our dedicated seminars and initiatives, I think we can achieve our objective for 2024. To promote and enrich the care sector's catering, nutrition, and hydration standards. At our seminars, we hope to provide an open forum for debate among individuals, companies and organisations involved in catering for the care sector and deliver a positive outcome for the residents in our care.

You’ve talked previously about the importance of collaboration among hospitality professionals in the care sector. How do you see this evolving under your leadership?

Jody Marshall: For the past 30 years, the NACC has had a diverse membership, which spans chefs and catering managers to care for homeowners and suppliers to the sector. Its members also include industry professionals like dieticians and clinical teams. It significantly influences the provision of catering in the care sector, in residential settings and in the community. I feel my role will be strengthening the bonds between all these stakeholders and partners.

Meallmore has a reputation for excellence in care. How does your role at NACC align with Meallmore’svalues?

Jody Marshall: Meallmore and the NACC’s values are absolutely aligned. Meallmore is one of the most trusted providers of care in Scotland. I am proud to be an ambassador for Meallmore. The NACC’s main objective is to encourage dialogue between individuals, corporations, and organisations' forums to deliver excellence for catering in care. Our goals are mirrored for resident outcomes.

You spoke about inspiring the next generation of hospitality professionals. What message do you have for those aspiring to enter this field?

Jody Marshall: Get involved. Be inquisitive. Get in touch! Let us give you the opportunity to learn and feel the difference you can make. Catering in care is the highlight of my hospitality career. I have had the privilege of being at the helm of some of Scotland’s Scotland’s best hotels and resorts. I have been the recipient of numerous industry accolades - nothing has given a more personal reward than catering in care.

On a personal level, what does this appointment mean to you?

Jody Marshall: This is the highlight of my career. Being the Chair of the NACC will allow me to be part of a team that influences a sector. Through the NACC in Scotland and the wider UK team, our actions will influence the nutrition for our loved ones in their greatest time of need – There is no greater reward.

Finally, looking ahead, what are your key goals and aspirations as the Scottish Chair for NACC?

Jody Marshall: Raising awareness for me is our number one goal. We have three national seminars this year where we are looking forward to collaborating with the wider professionals in a room and perfecting our craft. Inspiring the next generation is also key. We have plans to work with professional educational bodies to raise awareness of catering in care. Finally, we have our national NACC Chef of the Year competition. More information will be released about this at the end of January.

Jody Marshall’s appointment as the Scottish Chair for NACC marks a significant milestone in his career and a promising development for care catering in Scotland. His dedication and vision are set to influence current care providers and inspire future generations in the sector. At Meallmore, Jody’s role undoubtedly contributes to shaping and elevating care catering on a national level, reinforcing the organisation to keep on providing excellence in care.

On behalf of the entire team at Meallmore, we extend our heartfelt congratulations to Jody on this remarkable achievement. His leadership and innovative approach have always inspired our organisation, and we are thrilled to see him take on this influential role on a national stage. We are confident that Jody's expertise and passion will bring about transformative changes in the care catering sector, and we are excited to support him in this journey. Jody, here's to your continued success and the positive impact you will undoubtedly make in improving the lives of those in your care!

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