Types of Care

At Meallmore, we offer a comprehensive range of care services tailored to the diverse needs of our residents. From individualised dementia care and short-term respite stays to professional nursing services, our care homes ensure a variety of support options. Our commitment is to deliver exceptional care that is personalised, ensuring the best quality services every day, driven by the choices and preferences of our residents and their families

Types of Care at Meallmore
Nursing Care at Meallmore

Nursing Care

At Meallmore, our dedicated nursing team delivers round-the-clock support and personalised care tailored to the unique needs of our residents. Our expert care encompasses various requirements, including planned care for physical and mental care needs, recovery focused, and long-term health conditions.

We take a highly personalised approach to nursing care, collaboratively designing individualised care plans with each resident and their family. This ensures that every individual receives the highest quality care aligned with their specific needs, providing peace of mind for their loved ones, knowing their family member is well cared for and comfortable in a Meallmore Care Home.

Nursing Care

Dementia Care

At Meallmore, our commitment to dementia care creates a secure and comforting haven for individuals dealing with dementia and its associated conditions. Our dementia care approach stands as a testament to our dedication to offering top-quality, personalised care.

We take the time to understand our residents' interests, hobbies, and routines, enabling them to continue living their lives just as they did before their time with us. Our team includes dedicated dementia ambassadors or champions, deeply committed to improving the lives of those living with dementia. Collaborating closely with families, we provide guidance on understanding dementia's impact on individuals and offer extensive support during this challenging journey.

Dementia Care
Dementia Care at Meallmore
Specialist Adult Care

Specialist Adult Care

At Meallmore, our personalised care services are tailored to support adults ranging from 18 to 65 years old who face a diverse spectrum of mental health challenges, learning disabilities, and acquired brain injuries.

Our focus extends beyond managing symptoms; we're dedicated to aiding individuals in regaining their independence and fostering their recovery. Our goal is to empower individuals to confidently contribute to their communities, relationships, and work environments. We're here to ensure they feel secure, content, and comfortable.

Many of our specialised residences feature self-contained apartments equipped with kitchenettes and comfortable living spaces, designed to bolster independent living. Our life skills suite and domestic kitchens further support residents in daily tasks like housekeeping, cooking, and basic maintenance. Trained staff members are always available to provide the needed assistance whenever necessary.

Specialist Adult Care

Respite & Short Stay Care

Experience a sanctuary of support with our respite care packages, providing crucial short-term care to those in need, be it for recovery from an illness or around surgical procedures. It's not just a break for you; it's an opportunity for your dedicated caregivers to take a step back.

At our care homes, you'll find a haven of comfort and rest, knowing that our team of professionals is available around the clock, ready to provide the support you require. Our respite stays are personalised to cater to individual needs, focused on helping individuals return home revitalised.

We specialise in high-quality, short-term respite and post-operative care. If you're considering care for the long term, our trial stays can be arranged, allowing you to experience our homes first hand with the guidance of our home managers.

Respite Care
Respite & Short Stay Care

Do you need help choosing the right care?

When selecting the perfect care home, considering services, facilities, location, atmosphere, and home environment is key. Visit our homes in advance to explore, chat with our staff, and get the answers you need.

Speaking with our team is the next ideal step for caregivers and those needing care to confirm if it's the right fit. Click the button below to get in touch with a member of our team.

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Life with Meallmore

At Meallmore, we're dedicated to crafting an extraordinary experience for our residents. We believe in embracing life to the fullest, fostering independence, preserving dignity, and championing choice in every aspect of daily living.

Our compassionate team, from caregivers and nurses to activities coordinators and chefs, is passionately committed to a person-centered approach.

We take the time to truly understand each resident, their unique preferences, and what brings them joy. Life at Meallmore is a personalised journey, whether it involves engaging activities, meaningful social connections, serene moments of reflection, nourishing meals, or holistic well-being.

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What our Residents & Families Have to Say

At Meallmore, we believe in the power of our residents' and their families voices. Explore their experiences, heartfelt stories, and genuine testimonials.