Meallmore Colleague Awards 2023

Celebrating the Heroes of Care at Meallmore

A look back at the 2023 Meallmore Colleague Awards

We are thrilled to share the highlights from the Meallmore Awards 2023! This special event was dedicated to celebrating the incredible dedication and achievements of our colleagues. From heartfelt speeches to joyous celebrations, it was a day to remember. Join us as we look back on the moments that made this evening unforgettable.




Our Mission
Celebrating excellence

How do the Awards Work?

Nominations are gathered from colleagues, residents, and families to celebrate those who go above and beyond in their roles. Categories range from Emerging Talent and Positive Impact to Nurse of the Year and Brand Ambassador. Each nomination is carefully reviewed, and winners are selected based on their remarkable achievements and commitment to excellence.

Celebrating Our Exceptional Colleagues

Congratulations to our 2023 award winners! Their dedication, compassion, and excellence have truly made a difference in the lives of our residents. Here are the shining stars we celebrated this year.

Winner of the Emerging Talent Award 2023

Courteney Forrester, Alderwood House.

Courteney, who had been in her role at Alderwood for just over a year, played an instrumental role in transforming the life of a resident with autism. As part of a dedicated small team, Courteney provided exceptional care and support, significantly enhancing the resident’s quality of life.

Her unwavering commitment and compassionate approach not only impacted the resident but also brought about positive changes for his family. With Courteney’s support, the resident began participating in community activities, gaining confidence and independence. This remarkable progress showcased the profound difference that Courteney’s dedication made, extending beyond the immediate care environment to enrich the lives of the resident and his family.

Courteney’s story stood as a testament to the power of dedication and empathy in creating lasting, positive change in the lives of those we care for.

Winner of the Excellence In Support Services Award 2023

Agnes Fullerton, Kynnaird House
Agnes has dedicated nearly 26 years as the home administrator at Kynnaird, consistently demonstrating exceptional dedication and compassion. Known for her unwavering commitment to enhancing the lives of everyone in the home, Agnes remains a vital pillar of support for residents, colleagues, and families alike.

Agnes's deep connection with each resident and their families sets her apart. She seamlessly transitions between various roles within the home, from cooking and gardening to offering a kind word and a smile. Her willingness to step into any role necessary, always with a positive attitude, makes her an invaluable asset to the Kynnaird community.

Agnes's story is a testament to the profound impact that one person's dedication and heartfelt service can have on an entire community. Her ongoing legacy of support and kindness continues to inspire all those who have the privilege of working with her and those whose lives she touches.

Winner of the Positive Impact Award 2023

Natalie Wilkie, Antonine House

Natalie Wilkie, a dedicated Care Assistant at Antonine House, consistently went above and beyond to ensure the highest quality of care for the residents. She worked tirelessly to organise activities that stimulated and engaged everyone, making sure they lived their best lives while at Antonine. Natalie’s exemplary dedication and leadership inspired new colleagues to follow her lead, creating a ripple effect of outstanding care throughout the home.

Winner of the Manager of the Year Award 2023

Suzanne Pitt, Hilton Court Care Home

Suzanne Pitt demonstrated exceptional leadership as she guided her team at Hilton Court to an enviable position of excellence. Her commitment to the well-being of both residents and staff fostered an environment where everyone thrived. Known for her open-door policy and fair yet fun approach, Suzanne was described as a superstar by residents, continually striving for the best outcomes for all.

Winner of the Senior Carer/Practitioner Award 2023

Fiona Sutherland, Redwoods

Fiona Sutherland, a Senior Care Worker at Redwoods, focused on enhancing the daily lives of residents through innovative approaches. She led a project exploring the impact of color on residents with dementia, implementing and testing various methods while gathering feedback from residents and their families. Fiona's dedication to improving care quality through creative solutions made a significant difference in the lives of those she cared for.

Winner of the Head Office and Field Based Support Team Award 2023

Isabel Szeliga, an Accounts Assistant at Caulfield House, made a remarkable impact as the well-being champion. She shared valuable tips, delicious recipes, and led local walks to promote physical and mental health. Isabel's encouraging and enthusiastic nature greatly improved the overall well-being of her colleagues, making her a beloved figure in the office.

Winner of the Meaningful Activities Award 2023

Jade Innes, Bayview

Jade Innes, the Activities Coordinator at Bayview, played a crucial role in enriching the lives of residents. One resident, who is registered blind, praised Jade for her attentiveness and encouragement to participate in activities, fostering new relationships and maintaining physical activity through guided walks. Jade’s efforts significantly improved the quality of life for those in her care.

Winner of the Elderly Home Service Award 2023

Kynnaird House

Kynnaird House was described by residents as a true home, where colleagues felt like family. The excellent food, engaging activities, and welcoming environment made it a beloved place for both residents and their visiting families. One resident, who initially had mobility issues, was able to walk again with the support of the staff, enjoying outings with friends and family. Kynnaird House exemplified a caring and supportive community.

Winner of the Nurse of the Year Award 2023

Kamil Zietek, Mearns House
Kamil Zietek, a Team Lead at Mearns House, was highly praised by residents, relatives, and colleagues for his exceptional care. One resident even suggested he deserved the title of Nurse of the Millennium. Kamil’s calming presence, kindness, and clear communication made a significant impact, ensuring residents felt respected and understood.

Winner of the Carer of the Year Award 2023

Jade McPherson, The Oaks

Jade McPherson made a profound difference in the daily lives of her residents at The Oaks. She enthusiastically encouraged participation in activities, took residents to the cinema, coffee outings, and appointments, always with cheerfulness and attentiveness to their needs. Jade’s commitment to her role and continuous professional development through the Upskills programme exemplified her dedication to providing exceptional care.

Winner of the Mental Health Home Service Award 2023

Hilton Court

Hilton Court stood out for its strong focus on rehabilitation back into the community. Residents praised the supportive staff who went out of their way to ensure everyone’s happiness and progress. The team’s success was reflected in their high Care Inspectorate grades and internal audits, making Hilton Court a great place to live and work.

Winners of the Brand Ambassador Award 2023

Mel Walker, Andrew Rodden - Daviot House

Mel Walker and Andrew Rodden, the Deputy Managers at Daviot House, demonstrated exemplary leadership throughout a particularly challenging year. Despite facing numerous obstacles, including covering for the manager’s absence, wildfires, and lightning strikes, they stepped up and excelled in their roles. Their caring attitude towards residents, families, colleagues, and outside agencies set a high standard for all.

Winner of the Meals Mean More Award 2023

Dan McGonigle, Kincaid House

The Meals Mean More Competition showcased the culinary talents of chefs within the group. Dan McGonigle from Kincaid House impressed the judges with his two-course meal, demonstrating how it could be fortified and adapted to a level 4 textured diet. His ability to stick to a strict budget and maintain food safety standards highlighted his exceptional skills and creativity in the kitchen.

Special Recognition Award

Steve Gordon from Caulfield House, along with Mel Walker and Andrew Rodden from Daviot House, received special recognition for their extraordinary contributions. Their dedication and resilience in the face of challenges exemplified the highest standards of care and support within the Meallmore community.

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