Greenan Manor links up with The Alloway Railway Tunnel Project

The Alloway Railway Tunnel Project and Meallmore Group’s Greenan Manor Care Home in Doonfoot have teamed up to organise a children’s competition and provide a fun activity during the summer holidays. 

The intergenerational project is hopefully the first of many opportunities for both organisations to work together to raise awareness and engage with the community.   

The care home residents painted stones as queen bees and hid the stones along the cycle path from Alloway to Doonfoot. Local children were invited to find the bees and return them to their ‘hive’ at Greenan Manor and were rewarded with a delicious chocolate treat for their efforts.

 Jude, age 5, with his newfound bee!

Volunteers are currently working to turn the old tunnel into a colourful attraction, similar to that of Edinburgh’s Collinton Tunnel, which saw a forgotten site in the capital revamped into a bright trail. 

The team in Alloway have enlisted the help of mural artist Chris Rutterford, the same artist who brightened up the Collinton landmark. 

Greenan Manor care home manager, Elaine Hughes, said: “We were thrilled to team up with our community partners at the Alloway Railway Tunnel project to bring this great activity to local children.  

“Intergenerational activities like this provide a platform for older people and youngsters to get to know each other and develop positive perceptions and relationships.” 

Shelagh McLachlan, Alloway Railway Tunnel Secretary, said: “This is one of many children’s activities and competitions we have organised this summer to engage with the community. 

“We want to raise awareness of the tunnel and cycle path and encourage children to explore and play in these spaces. It will be lovely for the children to meet some of the care home residents and have fun together.” 

The youngsters were also encouraged to paint and hide their own stones, and artist Chris Rutterford will choose the best design. They will win a voucher donated by Kidz Play in Prestwick.   

The competition ran between Monday 7 August and Sunday 13 August.