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Meallmore Olympics Highlights 2021

August 12, 2021

Meallmore Olympics Highlights 2021

It’s certainly been a summer of sport this year. Many of our residents in all 26 Meallmore care homes across Scotland have excitedly followed the Wimbledon Championships, the Euros and the much-anticipated Tokyo Olympic Games – to name just a few.

But, the highlight of the sporting calendar 2021 has undoubtedly been the second annual Meallmore Olympics. Featuring lots of fun activities for staff and residents living and working in all our homes, the Olympics proved to be quite the hit with everyone involved.

In case you missed it, you can catch up on our games on Meallmore’s YouTube channel here. But what would a sporting event be without some top class analysis and highlights?! Here is the latest coverage from the Meallmore Olympics 2021:

The anthem and flags

Each home kicked off proceedings by creating a team flag and a national anthem, with the brilliant efforts setting the tone for the games. The anthems really demonstrated talents, and while dance moves were optional, they were very welcomed. The winning anthem was Daviot the Brave at Daviot Care Home.

Flags came in all shapes in sizes, and were of course enthusiastically waved at all events, but the flag of success was awarded to Grovebusters at Grove Care Home.

Synchronized hoovering

New for 2021, everyone was encouraged to have a little fun and make up a dance routine – all while doing the hoovering! Being adaptive was key, with the most creative team being Wild Cats at St Modans.

Come fly with me

Back by popular demand, residents were requested to fasten their seatbelts for the ‘The Come Fly with Me’ paper plane competition. Strict flight regulations stated that planes must be made out of only newspaper, sellotape and blu-tack. The winner was the plane that flew the furthest, with both Redwoods and The Oaks soaring to success.

Bouncing basketball

An adaption of one of last year’s games, the bounding ‘ping pong’ round encouraged residents and staff to aim as many ping pong balls into a wastepaper bin in a minute. The winners were Antonine House and The Oaks.

Laundry triathlon

Speed and precision are key in the Laundry Triathlon. Ladies and gents were asked to compete in a set of three speed challenges themed around laundry activities, including pairing socks, folding a sheet and rolling a towel. In a race to be the fastest folder, the winning teams were Hilton Court and Leven Beach, who washed away their competitors.

Summary of Day 1

Summary of Day 2

Overall winners

We’d like to say a special congratulations to the overall Meallmore Olympics winners from both our Specialist Services and our Elderly Care Homes. Well done to Daviot the Brave at Daviot Care Home [The Drumboe Unit] and Clyde Warriors at Belleaire House for their achievements.

Closing Ceremony

Congratulations to all Meallmore competitors on your fantastic efforts during the Meallmore Olympic games. You've all done your homes incredibly proud.

It’s our pleasure to share with you the closing ceremony where the winners were announced. It can also be viewed below.

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