Antonine House residents get fit having fun

The team at a Bearsden care home has introduced a whole load of fun to the residents’ fitness routine, with yoga and ‘fitbaw’ as the fan-favourites. Meallmore Group’s Antonine House, located on Roman Rd in Bearsden, is home to 74 residents, all of varying mobility levels that require regular exercise during the week.

The residents’ weekly fitbaw classes – run by Glasgow-based business Fit-Baw – involve a combination of physiotherapy exercises, including a mixture of movements and stretches using footballs and activities such as dribbling, penalties and passing. Each session works on upper body movements for the residents and helps to improve fitness levels.

The 25 residents that take part enjoy the exercises and patter shared with the Fit-Baw team during classes – especially on costume-themed days.

Antonine House resident David said: "I love the soft exercises that fitbaw and yoga provide as it's a great way to keep me active. I enjoy the opportunity it provides me with interacting with the other gentlemen."

Yoga classes are also held at the home on Wednesdays and have a big uptake. “The residents really enjoy yoga and fitbaw – it gives them an opportunity to get physical in a way that feels meaningful, allows them to socialise and is easy and safe for them to participate,” said June McIntosh, Deputy Antonine House Manager.

For residents that are physically unable to take part in the fitness fun, yoga instructor and massage therapist Ashley Kellock from AARK Yoga lends a hand, and provides massages as part of the session.

The home has also introduced pet therapy sessions, which involve staff bringing in their dogs and organising animals such as ponies and alpacas for the residents to spend time with.

Antonine House, located on Roman Road, is run by leading care home provider, Meallmore Ltd and provides excellent standards of care for its residents, including those living with dementia.