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Kincaid House Excels in Latest Care Inspectorate Visit

July 8, 2024

Kincaid House Excels in Latest Care Inspectorate Visit

In a glowing testament to the dedication and hard work of the Kincaid team, we are delighted to announce that our recent Care Inspectorate (CI) visit has resulted in exceptional ratings across multiple key areas. The inspection was overwhelmingly positive, reflecting the outstanding efforts of our colleagues and leadership team.

Celebrating Excellence in Care

The CI inspection assessed five key questions, and Kincaid House achieved a remarkable upgrade in these key areas, resulting in three top-level 5 ratings. The inspectors praised the home’s strong leadership, robust systems, and the warm, welcoming atmosphere that our residents and their families experience.

Kincaid House Care Home

Amanda King, Area Manager, Commends the Team

Amanda King, our Area Manager, shared her pride in the team’s achievements:

“This inspection showcases the tremendous amount of hard work and dedication that has gone into Kincaid House over the past twelve months. The inspectors' recognition of our strong leadership and the positive feedback from families affirm the exceptional care and environment we strive to provide. A huge thank you to all the teams involved in achieving these outstanding results.”

Anne Gardner, Home Manager, Reflects on the Journey

Anne Gardner, Home Manager, expressed her heartfelt gratitude:

“I am incredibly proud of our team. The inspectors’ comments highlight the passion and commitment of every team member, from clinical excellence to creating a homely and engaging environment for our residents. The positive feedback from families and the inspectors’ commendation of our holistic approach to care are truly rewarding.”
Kincaid House Care Home

Key Highlights from the Inspection

  • Family and Resident Engagement: Inspectors noted the significant amount of feedback and engagement from family members, praising the team’s responsiveness and the warm, friendly atmosphere within the home.
  • Clinical and Holistic Care: The “flash meeting” was singled out as exemplary, combining clinical reports with holistic information about each resident.
  • Nutritional Care: The home’s approach to nutrition was lauded, with new residents gaining weight and families noting vast improvements in their loved ones’ health.
  • Team Development and Wellbeing: Inspectors acknowledged the comprehensive training programmes, robust recruitment checks, and the positive impact of staff wellbeing initiatives.

Looking Forward

Kincaid House is dedicated to maintaining and building upon these achievements. With ongoing support from our management team and the invaluable feedback from residents and their families, we are confident in our ability to continue delivering exceptional care. For more details about the inspection results and our services, please contact Kincaid House Care Home.

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