Meallmore's New Aberdeen Care Home - Coming Soon

Meallmore has kicked off a significant project in Aberdeen: the construction of a new 65-bed care home named Pitfodels Wood. Collaborating with Clark Contracts, this home represents a step forward in providing comprehensive care for the elderly, including those with dementia.

Why Pitfodels Wood Stands Out

Pitfodels Wood will be more than a care home; it'll be a fusion of comfort, care, and community. Designed with modern amenities like a cinema and a café, it aims to create a nurturing and engaging environment. This is in line with Meallmore's philosophy of holistic care, where emotional and social well-being are as important as physical health.

A Boost to the Local Economy

The construction of Pitfodels Wood is great for Aberdeen's local economy. It is expected to create around 80 full-time jobs upon completion. This reflects Meallmore's commitment to not only providing quality care but also contributing positively to the communities they serve.

A Scenic Setting

The choice of location near The Marcliffe Hotel adds to the appeal of Pitfodels Wood, offering residents picturesque views and a serene environment. The importance of a calming and beautiful setting is integral to Meallmore’s approach, understanding that surroundings play a key role in the well-being of our residents.

A Reflection on Elderly Care in Scotland

The establishment of Pitfodels Wood is indicative of the evolving landscape of elderly care in Scotland. Meallmore is at the forefront of this change, recognising the growing need for care facilities that offer more than just basic care services.

As construction progresses, Pitfodels Wood is poised to become a benchmark in elderly care in Scotland. This project embodies Meallmore’s commitment to quality and comprehensive care, promising a future where the elderly live not just in comfort but with dignity and joy.