Parklands has ‘quacking’ day with mini petting zoo visit

Parklands hosted creatures great and small for an afternoon of fun at the zoo.

Staff and residents met a variety of different animals from ducks and hens to a tortoise. Some residents were brave enough to face their fears by petting snakes, lizards, and even meeting a tarantula.

Residents were shown the mini zoo in the lounge and had the chance to hold some of the critters. Fan favourites of the day were Daffy the duck and rabbit-duo, Jack and Victor.

Animal-assisted therapy has shown beneficial results in elderly care. The physical contact encourages communication, can reduce stress and anxiety, and even improve motor skills and self-esteem. Last year, residents at Parklands enjoyed a visit from Annie the Alpaca into the home.

The visit was organised by Parklands’ new Activities Co-coordinator, Corri Walker and Animal Man Mini Zoo, who brought the animals on their first visit to the care home.

Corri Walker, Activities Coordinator at Parklands Care Home, commented: “We’re always looking for new and exciting activities for our residents to enjoy. After the success of Annie the Alpaca’s visit back in December last year, we knew we wanted to bring some more friendly creatures into the home.

“The Animal Man Mini Zoo visit was a great success. The residents thoroughly enjoyed their afternoon, and I was surprised to see some of them being brave enough to hold the lizard and snake! It was a fantastic experience, and we hope to welcome the animals back to the home in the near future.”

Angela Martin, Care Home Manager at Parklands Care Home, added: “We find animal therapy to be incredibly impactful for our residents. Having the opportunity to hold and pet animals can be very relaxing and comforting.

“At Meallmore we’re committed to delivering exceptional standards of care and activities to our residents and animal therapy is just one of the ways we aim to enrich the lives of our residents.”

Parklands is a purpose-built care home situated at 60 Alloa Park Drive and provides nursing care for the elderly and specialist services for people with dementia.

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