Coral’s recovery at Kynnaird

Our residents at Meallmore care homes join us for a number of different reasons, and we ensure that we have the facilities to cater for different health needs. This includes caring for residents that require urgent care.

We have recently heard from the staff at Kynnaird House in Aberdeenshire about the remarkable story of one resident who has made a full recovery after arriving at the home in very poor health nearly two years ago.


Coral arrived at Kynnaird House in Fraserburgh back in December 2019, very unwell. Staff were quick to care for Coral and to make sure she was well looked after. The person-centered care provided with compassion and empathy by Kynnaird’s dedicated team was key.  With the support from physiotherapists, dieticians and a nurse practitioner regularly reviewing medication, Coral has now made a full recovery and is thriving in the home.

These days, Coral enjoys trips out of the home, often going to Wetherspoons for lunch. She also enjoys spending time with her friend Jessie, who joined the home three years ago. Both friends are now living life to the fullest, and supporting each other every day. 

Coral said: “I’m extremely happy at Kynnaird and all the staff are very nice. When I first came to Kynnaird, not only I was unable to walk, but I was only five stone; I didn’t know what I was doing or where I was, and I was bedbound.

“I’m pleased that my family brought me to Kynnaird as I am now fully ‘compos mentis’. I’m able to walk with the aid of my walker and I can go out on day trips with my family in my wheelchair.”

Elaine Crawford, Manager at Kynnaird House, commented: “We are all so proud of how far Coral has come on her journey to recovery. When she first arrived at the home, we made sure she received all the support she needed to regain her strength, and now she is full of life and happiness.

“What’s more, Coral has now found a friend in one of our other residents, Jessie who are often found spending time together. Both Coral and Jessie have made a massive impact on the home, and we are thrilled they have managed to find a friend in each other to help along this road to recovery.”

Kynnaird House provides specialist care for frail elderly residents and those living with dementia-related conditions. To find out more about Kynnaird House, please visit this link